Arbitrary, Reactionary Week 6 Power Rankings

Power Rankings! Love 'em or hate 'em, they exist.


In incredible, heart-stopping fashion, our Buffalo Bills won a big one in overtime. I couldn’t be happier. With the AFC East tied at 3-3, I welcome you once again to the new season. 10 games to glory. This thing isn’t even close to being over.

Oh, and have you heard? Byrd is the word.

As for the rankings, this week was the toughest yet… for me. With upsets and blunders galore, I had a lot of trouble deciding on a final list. As it stands, here is the best I could do.

Fastest risers: Seattle Seahawks (+8), Washington Redskins (+7)

Steepest fall: Kansas City Chiefs (-9)

  1. Atlanta Falcons (+1): Like I said, HUGE TRAP. Sure, they barely survived the Raiders, but they won, and they remain the only undefeated team. That bye week comes at a good time. They can look long and hard at how they almost lost that one.)
  2. Houston Texans (-1): They were beaten badly by a Packers team playing their best football all season. Not a crime. It doesn’t get easier against the Ravens this week as they try to avoid sliding any further. The Texans coaching staff may also want to remind their players that it’s football, not a street fight. Stupid penalties can screw up a good team real fast.)
  3. New York Giants (+3): In resounding fashion, the Giants made their biggest statement of the season by obliterating one of the best teams in the league. They get a chance to improve their terrible division record this week against the Redskins.)
  4. Baltimore Ravens (same): It’s hard to keep them ranked here after the injuries on defense. While the big story is Ray Lewis, the loss of Lardarius Webb has a bigger impact. Still, they keep winning, and that’s what matters. They should probably look at that run defense, though.)
  5. San Francisco 49ers (-2): That was an incredibly uncharacteristic loss to the Giants. If the Niners can’t produce against strong defenses, they won’t win championships. Who would’ve thought Thursday Night Football against the Seahawks would be a battle for the NFC West?)
  6. Seattle Seahawks (+8): Speaking of which, what the Seahawks did to Brady and his Pats was WONDERFUL. When the Bills play Seattle later on, we should thank them for keeping us in the thick of the division. This team is boasting one of the best defenses in the league. Russell Wilson is clutch.)
  7. Chicago Bears (same): Coming off the bye, the Bears get a visit from the Lions this week. They need as many wins as they can get if they want to stay ahead of the surging Packers in their division. Keep Cutler on his feet and that could happen.)
  8. Denver Broncos (+1): There is no quit in Peyton Manning and his Broncos. Tebow’s not the only one who can stage meteoric comebacks in Denver, it seems. Now in the driver’s seat going into the bye, I don’t expect the Broncos to lose control of their division from here on out.)
  9. Green Bay Packers (+1): The Packers just proved that when they play their best, they ARE the best. I can’t bump them up much higher than this, though, until I see them maintain the level of play they exhibited on Sunday.)
  10. New England Patriots (-5): U MAD BRO? My guess is yes. I can imagine that Tom Brady, Belichick, and a bunch of Patriots fans are all pretty angry right now. Isn’t it great? I almost want the Jets to win this week, just to keep the sad faces going strong in Boston.)
  11. Minnesota Vikings (-3): For all their defensive strength, the Vikings had no answer for RG3. I think they can compete with the Cardinals this week. Their prominent place in the division will slip away fast if they don’t pile on the wins now.)
  12. Washington Redskins (+7): I’ll admit I’ve waited a while to give much credit to the Redskins. They’ve proven themselves, however, and they are one of the most explosive offenses in the league. They largely have Robert Griffin III to thank for that. Can they upset the Giants?)
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers (-2): One more loss like that and the Steelers should be in panic mode. The Bengals game gives them a chance to get back on track.)
  14. Detroit Lions (-2): There was some life in that defense on Sunday. They’ve got to clean up their game on both sides of the ball, though, if they’re gonna have a chance against the Bears on Monday Night.)
  15. Cincinnati Bengals (-3): A loss to the Browns? For shaaaaame. Beating the Steelers would restore some of that early swagger that is fading fast in CIncy.)
  16. Arizona Cardinals (-1): While the game was close, the Cards couldn’t deliver when the game was on the line. People are going to play up the injury to Kolb as the reason for the loss, but they forget that Skelton is a pretty good QB too.)
  17. Philadelphia Eagles (-4): Falling to the ailing Lions amidst a bajillion turnovers was bad. Firing the DEFENSIVE coordinator shortly thereafter is worse. It’s week 6, the OFFENSE is atrocious. LeSean McCoy, arguably the best player on that team, had 22 rushing yards against the Lions. 22. Yeah. Totally the DC’s fault, right?)
  18. San Diego Chargers (-1): EPIC FAIL doesn’t even begin to describe Monday’s blunder in San Diego. Now they have to wait a whole two weeks to even get a chance at redemption.)
  19. St. Louis Rams (-3): This was a tough loss that came down to a rookie kicker. I don’t blame him for missing a 66-yard game-winner (blame Jeff Fisher for that), but I do blame Zuerlein for the two missed field goals from 48 and 32 prior to that. The Rams need to find that fire they had earlier on, and then games won’t come down to the kicker at all.)
  20. New Orleans Saints (same): Happily off the bye week, the Saints are poised for a strong comeback from the basement of the league. This week, the Bucs could be victim to a Saints team who had an extra week to be pissed off.)
  21. Miami Dolphins (+1): They squeezed by a Rams team that honestly beat themselves. They are probably proud to be going into the bye at .500. If Reggie Bush stays healthy, they could improve on that.)
  22. Buffalo Bills (+4): Let it be known: Contrary to popular belief, the Bills were not “lucky.” The Cardinals did not “beat themselves.” That kick was blocked by Carrington. The Bills willed themselves to victory, eliminating most of that “mental toughness” talk. Beating the Titans at home would put us in 2nd in the division.)
  23. Dallas Cowboys (-2): I think the Cowboys just had one of their “good” games… and they still lost. If the pattern persists, they blow it at Carolina this week.)
  24. New York Jets (+1): The stars aligned and Sanchez had a good day. Still not Tebow time yet. If you look at the stats, the Jets offense is significantly less productive with Tebow on the field. Maybe after a bad game at New England, Rex won’t care about the numbers and he’ll put the circus on the field.)
  25. Indianapolis Colts (-1): Andrew Luck stumbled in the face of the Jets secondary. If he can’t get back to the hot hand against the Browns this week, there is something to worry about in Indy.)
  26. Tennessee Titans (+2): Where did that come from? With rare play-making on defense, and Chris Johnson showing up to play, the Titans upset the Steelers. I give them credit, but I’d argue this was a fluke. It better have been. I’d like for them to all but lay down for the Bills.)
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2): That Chiefs defense managed to make Josh Freeman look masterful in that win. With Blount getting back into the action alongside Doug Martin, the offense looks ok. Unfortunately for them, “ok” won’t win a lot of games. Oh, and who knew Ronde Barber was still playing? I’ll admit, I didn’t.)
  28. Carolina Panthers (-1): Seeking to halt the negative trend they had going before the bye, the Panthers are hosting the ever disappointing Cowboys. Winning won’t mean a whole lot at this point, but it’s better than watching Cam Newton struggle through another post-game conference while holding back tears.)
  29. Cleveland Browns (+3): And the last winless team gets a win! That was a surprising defensive performance by a team who has shown very little of anything over the last 5 weeks. Kudos to the Browns for deciding they’ve had enough. Another winnable one coming up against the Colts. Could they build a streak?)
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (same): After a bye, the Jags get a gift of a matchup against the Raiders. There aren’t many teams that fall into the “Teams the Jags can beat” category. Oakland is one of them.)
  31. Oakland Raiders (same): Speaking of which, I don’t care how close they made it to beating the top team in the league. Atlanta played their worst football all year, and Oakland still couldn’t capitalize. They have a chance against the Jags in what I’m calling “The Garbage Bowl.”)
  32. Kansas City Chiefs (-9): Brady Quinn is terrible. Oddly, the Chiefs looked about the same with Matt Cassel under center. I think we know who will be looking for Matt Barkley or Geno Smith this year.)
(Photo: Rob Schumacher, The Arizona Republic)
(Photo: Rob Schumacher, The Arizona Republic)

So let’s bring on those Tennessee Titans! Let’s show them what a FAMbase can do! Make them wonder why their fans can’t be like the BILLSMAFIA!

Oh, and by the way… Do you know about the Byrd? Everybody knows that the Byrd is the word.


Ok, I’ll stop now. GO BILLS!

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