A Marathon, Not a Sprint

I can’t believe I am reading some of these doomsday posts as of late from Bills fans on Twitter, Facebook and email. Posts like “sell the team” or “I’m done with the team and I’m selling my tickets.” Especially knowing that some of you guys are military like myself and the first thing that is instilled in us is that we never quit. It’s one thing to get angry and demand more but I feel as though some of you are giving up. Screw that! The season is far from over!

I know that some of you are not from Buffalo and maybe you have a different perspective on things related to the Bills. You might just look at them as an NFL team you cheer for on Sundays and that’s it. I see things differently. I’m a Buffalonian to the core and I wear that on my sleeve. I have a gigantic chip on my shoulder as most of us from here do. No matter where I have lived it never goes away. People are constantly putting down my city and my team. A team that is a direct representation of my city. The two go hand in hand. The Buffalo Bills are my alma mater team. I take it personal when people put them down. They are basically putting down everything I stand for. I am willing to fight for that and I would hope that you fellow Bills fans would do the same. It makes me angry to see people giving up. Until there is no longer an NFL team in this city, or I am dead, I will never give up support.

I truly feel as though I am the 12th man and a part of the team. I was just at the game in San Francisco and I stayed until the end. Held up my sign and would not back down to the abundance of heckling I was receiving from arrogant 49er fans. The majority of them were jerks, especially the wannabe gang bangers who wouldn’t shut the their mouths, although there were a few decent fans. As I was walking out of the stadium one of the decent 49er fans who was in my section pulled me aside. He saw me arguing with fans throughout the entire game, and he said he could tell that I was taking it hard and not to let it get to me. He’s said this 49er team is really, really good and they do this to a lot of teams. At the time I kinda blew him off because I was pissed and was ready to fight but in retrospect he does have a point. The last two teams we played we lost to badly. One was in the Super Bowl last year and the other looks like they will go this year. Two really good teams that took it to us. Let’s think of it as a wake up call. A smack in the face. We have too much talent to be losing this season.

Perhaps this is what we needed to really get us going in the right direction. I like the fact that the team is staying in Arizona this week. Listen, I’m just going off personal experience. I know when you go through some tough times with a group of guys and you live and eat together, you bond as a unit. You are willing to sacrifice, you stop playing for yourself and start fighting for the man next to you. They will be away from all of the distractions and will be able to focus on the task at hand. This isn’t the same as training camp bonding. There is adversity behind this and will only make the love they have for each other stronger. I just hope the coaches get their act together too.

Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, Bills fans. Think about what you can do as a fan to help the team. Get on Twitter and let these guys know that we stand behind them. Stevie Johnson took a lot of crap from Bills fans this week on Twitter and he did not deserve it. He responded in anger and I don’t blame him. I was lucky enough to have personally met Alissa Chandler at the last home game and started to follow her on Twitter. I bought Scott’s away jersey last season and I wore it to the game in San Fran. I tweeted a few pics of myself wearing the jersey at the game. One of the pics I tweeted was after the game and I said that we never give up on our team regardless of the outcome. Alissa sent me a personal message after that and this is a direct quote “Thanks Ron! It’s fans like you that make this experience so amazing!!!” That made me feel awesome! I felt like I made a difference as a fan. Her husband knows that we’ve got his back.

Since I’ve been interacting with the Bills Mafia crew recently I have learned a saying that I love, its “FAMbase.” Because we are not just a fan base but a family. Lets not let our fellow brothers and sisters give up on this team. Let’s pick each other up and dust each other off and look ahead to the Cardinals. Go Bills!

4 Replies to “A Marathon, Not a Sprint”

  1. After you read this reflect, and think about whether your a fan or spectator! Loving the Bills through Hell and High water speaks volumes of a persons integrity! If you had a child and he/she loved doing something but wasn’t quite there yet would you give up on them or support through it all!!! Good show Ron!

  2. agree with you mate. i have done my share of complaining these past two weeks but one thing i have not done is give up or admit defeat. like you said this is a family, and when someone in your family is out of line you tell em, but you don’t give up on them. i think they can turn it around as well, but time is certainly running out on this season, and possibly the franchise. i hope that isn’t true, and that someone will buy the team that not only wants to keep the team in buffalo, but is dedicated to building a winning team. the bills may have lost a few “spectators” the last two weeks, but they have not lost any family.

  3. I live in San Francisco Bay area, i moved from tonawanda in 1989. I have been a bills fan my entire life, dad had season seats at rockpile…..of course had them in rich starting 1973-no one loves the bills as much as folks from wny! especially ones who are born and bred.
    I will go further, I have traveled in support of my team, all over nation, oakland,candlestick three times, 1992,1995,and last weekend. the longest ride home in my life was january 1993,from pasadena,ca.
    I have stood by the bills just as you mentioned, i get it. it is folks like us who have the “right” to view the team as it really exists-not as the fantasy we have been fed, and in my case swallowed.
    it isnt just how we were destroyed last weekend, or how the pats went from 3 and out to obliterating our bills two weeks ago-how about how the NYJ crushed our team opening weekend? a team that can barely get first downs? i mean we had an entire “offseason” to “prepare” for the jets and look at what all the fans, the incredibly loyal fans of WNY, and ontario are forced to view? do you really believe the bills showed up last week? i was there, i stayed to…..that was barely professional play-and in all honesty i witnessed the defense quit-no matter what the folks say after….do i hope we turn it around? of course does that make what we have been seeing up to that point acceptable? no…..
    GO Bills cause your fans deserve the best you can be!


    Daniel Ryans Dad

    in rich against dallas 0-11 1984.

    fan to the end!