Quarterbacks at the Quarter Mark

Every year at this time we all tend to take some time and reflect on the season thus far. I wanted to take a look at some quarterbacks at this time and comment on the direction they may be going.

Even Brandon Weeden has done pretty well, as a rookie QB, with what he has to work with.
Even Brandon Weeden has done pretty well, as a rookie QB, with what he has to work with.

It’s amazing the amount of quarterbacks that have come out of college and have enjoyed instant success. Last year it was Cam Newton and Andy Dalton, which both have had solid seasons so far and look to be good for many years to come. This year we were blessed with RG3, Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill. You could maybe even throw Weeden in there as he has done pretty well with what he has to work with. All of these QBs are putting up solid numbers consistently.

Then we have the QBs who are struggling. I know I don’t have to state the obvious in Ryan Fitzpatrick, decent fantasy numbers but he can be very bad at different times throughout a game. Another QB with similar stats and problems would be Tony Romo and in Philadelphia you have Michael Vick, drafted high in most Fantasy drafts only to be playing rather poorly.

Next we come to the guys who are not big names but are quietly getting it done. Alex Smith, Christian Ponder, Kevin Kolb and Joe Flacco. With the exception of Flacco putting up fairly large numbers, these guys have been quietly winning football games every week. Nothing flashy just playing consistent football and winning games.

Finally, I’ll finish up with the ones that are on the brink of being replaced. There have been rumblings this week about replacing Matt Cassel with Brady Quinn, Sanchez for Tebow and Russell Wilson with Matt Flynn. The last one will not happen too soon as Flynn is still unable to practice and I doubt Rex Ryan will throw Tebow in there, but Cassel may be one bad game away from seeing the bench.

As we go on, I wonder if there will be any RG3s in next year’s draft and how long will this trend go on of quarterbacks coming out of college and contributing in their rookie season? Who will be the next superstar rookie QB?