Arbitrary, Reactionary Week 3 Power Rankings

Power Rankings! Love 'em or hate 'em, they exist.

I think we can all let out that gasp we’ve been holding since we saw C.J. go down in Cleveland. We got a good win this week, and Spiller’s injury is better than originally thought. As much as I want to take it to the Patriots this week, I hope the coaches take their time with both of our feature running backs. I’d rather they be healthy for the rest of the season, and I think Tashard Choice may surprise some people behind our incredible O-Line. As for the rest of the league….

Fastest Risers: Seattle Seahawks (+12), Minnesota Vikings (+7)

Steepest Falls: New Orleans Saints (-9), Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

  1. Houston Texans (+1): That was a statement game. There are so many ways this team can beat you. This time Matt Schaub went off, and he now has something in common with Evander Holyfield: He lost part of his ear in a sporting event.
  2. Atlanta Falcons (+1): They EMBARASSED San Diego. Their defense is extremely good, and yet their offense is even better. I don’t see this train slowing anytime soon.
  3. San Francisco 49ers (-2): I guess we’ll call that a trap game against the Vikings. The Niners started to believe all that hype and seemed to rest on their laurels. Lesson learned. Their fire will return against the Jets this week.
  4. Baltimore Ravens (+1): They survived a tough win against the Pats. Torrey Smith is a freaking hero. They need to watch out for a possible trap this Thursday against a desperate Browns team.
  5. New York Giants (+2): They crushed Carolina like the champions they are. Eli is shaping up to have his best season yet, and he’s already got 2 rings on his hand. If they’re smart, they’ll keep Andre Brown as the starter in the backfield.
  6. Arizona Cardinals (+6): We know their defense is good, but now the Cards are showing they can also win with offense. Is Kolb finally panning out for this team? Are they legit?
  7. Seattle Seahawks (+12): Granted, they got a gift on MNF. 8 sacks on Aaron Rodgers can’t be ignored, though. Russell Wilson just needs to make sure he doesn’t throw any games away. The game against the Rams is a must win if they want to prove they’re the real thing.
  8. Green Bay Packers (-4): Ouch. As bad as that call was, it really shouldn’t have hinged on the final play. Plus, why didn’t Jennings bat the ball away instead of going for the pick? Oh well. This team can recover, and their defense is playing as good as it did when they won the Super Bowl.
  9. New England Patriots (-1): This team has lost its bite. Belichick may be literally losing his mind. Brady has no protection. Patriots 1-3 this time next week? I sure hope so.
  10. Denver Broncos (-1): Call me nuts, but I still think this team is much more dangerous than their record shows. They show a lot of late game strength. As Peyton gets on the same page with the rest of his team, the Broncos will get much better.
  11. Cincinnati Bengals (+4): With crazy, insane play-calling and an explosive offense, the Bengals are playing for keeps. With the urgency they’re showing, they may just surprise that division of theirs.
  12. Detroit Lions (-1): Nice to see the Detroit offense showing up again. Too bad their defense didn’t.
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7): The Raiders? SERIOUSLY? This is a strong team with a productive offense, but without their playmakers on defense they are vulnerable. The bye week comes at a good time for them.
  14. Buffalo Bills (+2): Thankfully, the C.J. injury should only have him out a week. Seeing our team rally and add a couple more scores after losing him says a lot about the mental toughness of the Bills locker room. Our O-Line is at the top of the league. Fitz’s passer rating is over 90. Our defense is disrupting the QB. Don’t believe the talking heads. We can beat New England.
  15. Chicago Bears (+2): The defense definitely won that game. Cutler is still looking for a rebound from his terrible showing last week. I wish him luck in that endeavor… because he’ll need it.
  16. Philadelphia Eagles (-6): Yeah… so Vick has NO protection, and he doesn’t seem to have the mobility that he once did. Clearly it’s time for Trent Edwards to take over this team! (Just kidding… sort of).
  17. San Diego Chargers (-3): So, can we stop including Philip Rivers in the “elite” conversation now? With Ryan Mathews almost officially a bust, and Antonio Gates clearly beyond his prime, this team’s time as the AFC West favorite is ending.
  18. New York Jets (Same): Congrats to the Jets on barely beating a terrible team. Without Revis for the rest of the season, that defense is neutered. Sanchez is faltering. Any bets on when Tebow starts?
  19. Dallas Cowboys (+2): In a win, Romo has three turnovers and four sacks. The Dallas defense saved the game in an ugly win. Look for them to choke in primetime on MNF.
  20. Washington Redskins (Same): If this team wants to contend, that defense needs to toughen up. RG3 is as advertised, and with 2 years of experience and a couple good drafts this team could turn into a powerhouse.
  21. Minnesota Vikings (+7): Well, well, well. Christian Ponder showed what he was made of against a tough Niners defense. Leslie Frazier’s ballsy calls will make or break this team.
  22. New Orleans Saints (-9): They lost after having an 18 point lead to the Chiefs. Ugh. Now commence panic mode in New Orleans. If they don’t fix their issues in the next couple weeks, they can just start planning for next season.
  23. Carolina Panthers (-1): That was a very sloppy game against the Giants. Cam Newton is proving that he hasn’t learned to play through adversity. His awkward “sleep-interview” during the post-game says it all. They won’t stand a chance against Atlanta.
  24. Tennessee Titans (+2): Jake locker has a career game, the defense and special teams posted multiple touchdowns, and the Titans got to celebrate an arguably lucky win. Chris Johnson ran 24 yards on the day, proving there’s still a lot wrong with this team.
  25. Kansas City Chiefs (+2): That was a great never-say-die win, but they need to beat the Chargers next week to prove they’ve overcome their many struggles.
  26. St. Louis Rams (-2): The offense could do absolutely nothing against the Bears defense. Seattle’s defense this week will be even tougher to beat.
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4): Coach Schiano continues to only call aggressive plays when the opponent is taking a knee. If this crap continues to result in losses, is Schiano a one-term coach?
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars (+2): Lead with MJD, finish with Blaine Gabbert. That is the only possible winning formula for the Jags offense. Too bad for them, most teams will game-plan for that and still beat them.
  29. Indianapolis Colts (-4): Andrew Luck was actually outplayed by Gabbert. That’s got to feel horrible. They’ll try to fix some things on the bye week. I think they need a bye year to do so.
  30. Oakland Raiders (+1): You never know what Carson Palmer you’ll get, it seems. There’s a lot more for this team to do before they can start climbing out of the basement of this league.
  31. Miami Dolphins (-2): Joe Philbin provided us proof that icing the kicker means nothing in the NFL. You might as well be flipping a coin. Also, Miami appears to need a new kicker. He missed two under-50 Field Goals… and nobody iced him. They better hope Reggie Bush is back soon.
  32. Cleveland Browns (Same): It says something about your team when the opponent has more fans in your stadium than YOU do in the 4th quarter. Kudos to #BillsMafia for representing in Cleveland.

The tweet-up is this weekend, and I’m totally going! I REALLY hope we embarrass the Pats and shock the league this Sunday, and seeing it with a bunch of #BillsMafia would make it that much sweeter. If you’re going, feel free to give me your take on the rankings in person! I’ll be the guy in the Bills jersey! Oh, wait….

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  1. I might move up the ‘boys and the Vikes just a little; I think they can beat a few of the teams ahead of them. Also might move the Bills down one or two until I see them hold this for two more games. Really well-done power rankings, though!