Special Interview with LaMark Brown

On September 3rd, the Bills signed LaMark Brown to their practice squad after his release from the Falcons. LaMark is an active participant on Twitter who has embraced the #BillsMafia movement from day one, so we asked him if he’d be willing to do a brief Q&A and he graciously agreed.

You played RB and WR in college. You’re listed as a TE for the Bills… Where’s your comfort zone? Well I never played TE in college. I am most comfortable at WR because of the chance it gives me to use my abilities best.

It didn’t take long for the Bills to snap you up after your release from the Falcons. Had they shown interest in you immediately following the draft, or did it take you by surprise when they came calling at the end of August? The Bills were one of the teams I knew had interest in me before and after the draft so I wasn’t too surprised when I got the call.

You attended both Kansas State and Minnesota State. Have you kept in touch with any players who graduated ahead of you and have made it to the NFL? If so, what have they told you about what to expect? I keep in touch with Daniel Thomas the most. He was my roommate back at KSU and he just told me to keep doing what I did in college which was working hard.

Did you have an athlete as a role model growing up, maybe someone you wanted to model your game after? In high school is when I really started to watch guys play and that’s when I started to study guys like Michael Irving, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall. Those are the guys I took the most things from to try to become the best player I could.

If you could play any other position in any other sport, what would it be? It would probably be center field in baseball. I stopped playing baseball because I started to get more serious about football but I did enjoy playing the game.

When you’re not practicing during the season, what are some things you enjoy doing away from the game? I like to watch a lot of movies so I try to pick up movies from my list and add them to my collection.

You appear to enjoy interacting with fans on Twitter. What are your thoughts on how social networking has changed the landscape of collegiate and professional sports? It’s given the players a way to be more connected to the fans and I think it’s great. People can get to know us as more than a jersey number on a team. They get to know the other side of us.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the Bills Mafia to close? Just that I am excited to be here with this team and thus opportunity and I look forward to stepping on the field soon!

About Del Reid

Del Reid became a Bills fan shortly after coming into this world, having been raised in a home that actually had a framed picture of OJ Simpson on the wall in the living room (until it came down in 1994). Del has always had a passion for bringing people together to celebrate things they share in common. As a result, he (quite accidentally) ended up co-founding the #BillsMafia movement among Bills fans in social media -- which to this point is the coolest thing that has ever happened to him aside from his relationship with God, his wife, and his two awesome kids. Follow him on Twitter at @mrdeadlier.