Arbitrary, Reactionary Week 2 Power Rankings

Power Rankings! Love 'em or hate 'em, they exist.
Power Rankings! Love ’em or hate ’em, they exist.

REDEMPTION! We needed to see a sound thrashing of the Chiefs to help us forget Week 1, and the Buffalo Bills delivered! Defense, Special Teams, and Offense all clicked, and I look forward to spending the rest of the week grinning like a fool. Anyways, on to the business of Power Rankings.

Fastest Riser: Arizona Cardinals (+10)

Steepest Falls: Kansas City Chiefs (-7), Dallas Cowboys (-8), Chicago Bears (-9)

  1. San Francisco 49ers (Same): In every phase of the game, this team wins. Do we REALLY have to play them this year?
  2. Houston Texans (+2): Arian Foster and Ben Tate have got to be the best backfield duo in the league. You might as well rename the defense “Seal Team 6.” They are lethal. Next week against the Broncos is a statement game.
  3. Atlanta Falcons (+3): Apparently the defense was incredibly underrated, because they dismantled Peyton on MNF. On offense they are impossible to cover. Even if you somehow shut down Roddy White and Julio Jones, you’ll get caught underneath by Tony “The Immortal” Gonzalez.
  4. Green Bay Packers (+1): They are back on track and the defense looks hot. Particularly Clay Matthews is hot, according to my wife. I have to grudgingly agree with that one.
  5. Baltimore Ravens (-3): WHAT? They lost to the EAGLES? The offense faltered this week, despite the defense doing everything it could to help out. The game against the Patriots offers a chance to prove this week’s loss was a fluke.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (+3): It felt great to see the Steelers humble the Jets like that. Big Ben is taking command of games and winning with his arm. If they can establish a stronger run game, this team will go far.
  7. New York Giants (+4): The G-Men refuse to go quietly into that good night. Eli has giant, steel balls with teeth. You probably shouldn’t try to visualize that.
  8. New England Patriots (-5): BWAHAHAHA! With an offense that is misfiring and Belichick uncharacteristically settling for field goals (that go wide-left), these just don’t seem like the same old Patriots. Could their hold on the AFC East be slipping?
  9. Denver Broncos (-2): It’s hard to recover from 3 first quarter INTs, but Denver almost did it anyway. Peyton’s weakness with a new team is exposed now: On the road, the noise prevents him from guiding his offense. I won’t count them out yet, though.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (+4): FINE. They break the top 10 this week, but I don’t expect them to stay long. 9 turnovers in 2 weeks is abysmal, and they can’t expect to keep winning games by 1 point at this rate. The Cardinals might bring them down to earth hard.
  11. Detroit Lions (+1): Yes, they moved up despite the loss. I give them credit for staying in the game with San Francisco, despite the fact that they had little chance to win. This team will be fighting hard for a playoff spot.
  12. Arizona Cardinals (+10): THANK YOU! While they probably don’t deserve to be this high, they get a boost for the favor they did for us Bills fans. I can admit when I’m wrong. Kolb got the job done. Now their running backs just need to hold on to the ball.
  13. New Orleans Saints (-3): Wow. This is getting tough to watch. I STILL maintain that the Saints will be fighting for a playoff spot late in the season, though it will likely be a wild card with the way Atlanta’s playing.
  14. San Diego Chargers (+5): Hmm. This team is a conundrum. They handily trounced Tennessee with 3 TDs from a back-up TE, but is that a testament to the Chargers’ ability, or the Titans’ lack thereof? The Falcons should help answer that question this week.
  15. Cincinnati Bengals (+2): They behaved about as would be expected against the struggling Browns. It probably shouldn’t have been that close. If they don’t handle business at Washington this week, they might be in trouble.
  16. Buffalo Bills (+5): Domination. That’s what we needed to see from the Bills on Sunday and that’s what we got. In every phase, we didn’t let up and we embarrassed the Chiefs for the second year in a row. Fitz’s accuracy slipped at times, but we also saw flashes of the Amish Rifle of early 2011. This is the team we were waiting for. I could kiss C.J. Spiller right now.
  17. Chicago Bears (-9): Oh my. Thursday looked less like a football game and more like an episode of Jersey Shore. The drama was palpable. Cutler has the ability to be great, but his emotions (and complete lack of protection) are preventing that ability from translating into performance.
  18. New York Jets (-3): I’d argue that these are also the Jets we were waiting for. The argument is strong for Week 1 being a fluke. One thing the Jets learned with Revis on the bench: They lack depth on defense.
  19. Seattle Seahawks (+4): There’s a lot for this team to be excited about. They have a reputation for upsetting top tier teams. In the past they’ve also coupled that with losing to very bad teams. If they can get away from that tendency, they could contend for a wild card.
  20. Washington Redskins (-4): Losing a game the way they did (basically due to lack of discipline) is unforgiveable. That receiver deserves to lose his job for acting like a 2-year-old on the field.
  21. Dallas Cowboys (-8): The Dallas roller coaster continues. They’ll probably make a good showing against Tampa this week, but I just can’t see this team maintaining any sort of success throughout the season.
  22. Carolina Panthers (+2): The coaching staff adjusted well to the realization that the Panthers can’t be carried on Cam’s arm alone. A good run game was a step in the right direction. Still a lot of work to do in Carolina.
  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5): Giving up 25 points in the 4th quarter is ridiculous. The only aggressiveness the defense showed was on the final, meaningless play of the game. If the Bucs ever have reason to take a knee this season, they may want to consider the shotgun formation.
  24. St. Louis Rams (+3): I applaud the fire that the Rams have shown in the first two weeks. Hardly in the running for the postseason, but they could play spoiler to many.
  25. Indianapolis Colts (+5): There’s the Andrew Luck the Colts expected! It helps that the run game got going and eased the pressure. Excellent job nullifying the Vikings pass rush. The soft schedule early on will give the Colts confidence. Not that it will get them that far.
  26. Tennessee Titans (-1): Chris Johnson has 21 rushing yards TOTAL this season. Jake Locker has more. With no defense to speak of, this is one of those teams heading for a train wreck of a year.
  27. Kansas City Chiefs (-7): Speaking of which, what happened to the Chiefs? Lofty expectations have turned into crushed dreams. With all their starters healthy, they look even worse than they did last year. Their season doesn’t get any easier against an angry Saints team.
  28. Minnesota Vikings (-2): Ponder played well, but Adrian Peterson was limited, and the defense was downright disappointing. Jared Allen should have roughly welcomed Luck to the NFL… repeatedly. Instead he was sack-less.
  29. Miami Dolphins (+3): Proving they are not the worst of the worst, Miami beat an awful team. Reggie Bush is building on what was his best season last year. The Dolphins could potentially ride him to 4 or 5 wins.
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1): 117 total yards on Sunday. Not much to say after that.
  31. Oakland Raiders (-3): These guys are a mess. Sloppy defense and Darren McFadden’s whopping 22 yards rendered Carson Palmer’s impressive aerial attack meaningless. Seriously, I’m pretty sure my 9-year-old could have put up 100 yards on that defense.
  32. Cleveland Browns (-1): Oh, how the terrible have fallen… even further. For your rookie QB and RB to have outstanding performances and STILL lose the game, it takes a special kind of terrible. Should be easy pickings for our Bills.

Week 2 is officially in the books. I’ll be looking for #BillsMafia to represent in Cleveland this week. LET’S GO BUFFALO! KEEP IT GOING!

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2 Replies to “Arbitrary, Reactionary Week 2 Power Rankings”

  1. i would be careful to call the browns game “easy pickings” they have a very tough D that will get after our guys all day long, and if our D goes out and plays anything less than terrific Richardson will run all over them. they can not look past this week to NE or we will be going into that game 1-2, which we all know we can not afford….

    • our best chance is shutting down the run game and forcing them to throw. weedend has been pick happy lately and it’s time for our boys to start piling up the turnover stat.