Buffalo Bills Anonymous: Introduction

Please welcome Thomas Moffe into the fold of staff writers here at BillsMafia.com. I invited him to share his thoughts on here (as he has the opportunity) because since I began following him last year, the one-liners and sarcasm he’s brought onto my Twitter timeline have made me laugh out loud more than once. Whether you follow him on Twitter or just read his blog posts here, I think he’ll do the same for you.

Please allow him to introduce himself…

Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I wish there was an article that would rave about how awesome the Patriots are? Me neither, BUT lucky for you, we do have that for our beloved Buffalo Bills. Hello everyone I’m Alex and I’m a Buffalo Bills fan. Probably like yourself, when I say Buffalo Bills fan I don’t mean I sometimes catch a game when I see it on T.V., I mean when I have a first born, that child’s name will be Bill. Let’s just hope that child’s not a girl.

Being from Kansas City Chief territory, I didn’t get the luxury of having a shoulder to lean on when times got rough. Instead, I had my dad, who physically tried to strangle Jeff Fisher through the T.V. set after the Music City Miracle. If you Youtube Buffalo Bills you’ll end up finding a crazed white guy screaming DALLAS IS GOING DOWN on the news before the 27th Super Bowl like he’s on PCP and bath salts (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pause, watch this, you’re welcome. Now keep reading). Now THAT is what I’m talking about! This is what I love about Buffalo fans, for the most part we’re just head over heels batsh*! crazy about our team.

Then we have the Players, who don’t help much when it comes to our addiction. These guys are getting paid millions of bucks, but they love us fans so much. I’m not talking about the Vince “I’m not sayin’ he a gold digger” Youngs, but the Nick Barnetts, the Fred Jacksons and Stevie Johnsons. Not to mention the Jim Kellys, Andre Reeds and all the other greats.

Let’s ride this train to the tunnel of the Super Bowl.

But for now Del has kindly asked me to come to this meeting once every other week or so, and speak to you so we can maybe help each other with our addictions.

If you have any topics you would like me to mention or any teams you’d like me to leave a skid mark on COUGH Pats COUGH Just hit me up through this website or @MoffeLessons on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do.

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