The First Annual Bills Mafia Fantasy Football Leagues

Note from Del: After realizing I bit off a little more than I could chew with this specific idea, Vance Miller has graciously accepted to head up the task of coordinating our “official” Bills Mafia fantasy football endeavor. We’ve put a lot of thought into this and worked together over the past few weeks on how this is going to play out, but I’ll let him speak to all that.

(Photo courtesy Associated Press)
(Photo courtesy Associated Press)

Its finally here. With football season around the corner it’s time to set up our Fantasy Football Leagues. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this so let me get right to it.

First of all, we had a huge response to the idea of official Bills Mafia Fantasy Leagues, and that shows tons of support for our beloved Bills.

Unfortunately, we will only be able to have 4 leagues comprised of 12 teams. Maybe next year we can open it up a little more.

The teams will be made up of one OG in each league followed by 11 Bills Mafia members. Those 11 members will be randomly picked by @mrdeadlier on Monday afternoon from the list of those who have expressed interest. If you’re interested, and not on that list, make sure you contact him asap.

We will then fill in the rosters based on the draft day and time that the 12 teams can meet online to draft. It will be tough to coordinate these times and dates, I ask that you try to cooperate as much as possible since there are 12 teams to organize for each league.

Once we know the teams we will can then start to schedule draft dates. The league names are:

FredEx FFL [Fantasy Football League]
FitzMagic FFL
Why So Serious FFL
Schefter Breaking News FFL

We’ve had three others volunteer to commish the individual leagues, who we’ll name soonalong with me: @RQUINN619, @jonbcoker, and @polarpeace.

A scoring sheet is being made up as we speak. It will be basic, as will the rosters. The draft will be a 16 round snake style draft. I will be posting all of this information along with the 44 Bills Mafia members who will comprise this league in the near future on Good luck to all, can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Background: I am Vance Miller and I have been playing Fantasy Football for 12 years 5 of which I have been a commissioner. This will be a learning experience for all, please be patient and understanding.

6 Replies to “The First Annual Bills Mafia Fantasy Football Leagues”

  1. I know we ran a bunch of polls and everything a few months back, but honestly with this being our first stab at this, we decided it best to keep it as standardized as possible.

    And to address the matter of who will be participating, I’ll be using an online service to randomly select the participants from the list mentioned above to ensure it’s 100% fair.

  2. I want it I love the family we are the best!!!!! Let’s go bills if there is anyway to interact with the mafia I want in#Teamrideoediebillsfans#TeamBillsMafia

  3. It Has Begun. Let the Smack Talk begin. remember this Fantasy League is for bragging rights only so bring your “A” game or get bitch slapped by an opponent.

  4. So the Invites have been send out already for the ones that got choosing. If I am reading this correctly.