Alumni Spotlight: Robert Royal

Editor’s note: Scott is starting a new segment for the Bills Mafia Blog called Alumni Spotlight, and in this case he had the privilege and honor to talk to former Bills tight end and LSU grad Robert Royal.

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Robert celebrating with fans after a win over the San Diego Chargers in 2008. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

What have you been doing since you played last in the NFL?

Continuing to educate myself in business. Running the Robert Royal foundation. Consulting some players on money management, estate planning, taxation, liability protection etc. Investing and most of all spending time with my wonderful daughter.

What was the best on and off the field moment for you while playing for the Bills?

My best moment off the field in Buffalo had to been when I was the spokesperson for the Red Cross and raised awareness on blood donating. On the field, it was in a preseason game in Toronto when I scored 2 TDs. Because I had off season knee surgery and a lot of people were writing me off.

For the rookies and free agent players whom just joined the Bills this year, what advice would you give them about the fan base, and the city of Buffalo as a whole?

That Buffalo is a great place to live and do not listen to folks that never been. And since it is a very loyal place, just be ready for die hard fans that will do anything to see their team win.

Who was the most influential person for you growing up and during your playing career?

Growing up the most important person in my life was my Grandmother Shirley Jackson. R.I.P just the way she approached life everyday with the attitude to never give up, help developed me into the man I am today.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the Buffalo Bills Fans?

Thanks you for all the wonderful memories in Ralph Wilson stadium. The support and love could have been no better.

Until the next time Go Bills!