Editor’s note: Kristen Bailey (@buffalobillsgrl) is known among her fellow Mafians as the one who provides a daily tweet every morning, counting down to the next Bills-related event. Here, she explains a little about what drives her to do that.

Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

I remember sitting in the lights, way up high in Rich Stadium listening to the roar of the crowd as the snow came piling down on me. I was freezing and wet, watching people throw snowballs down on to the field screaming obscenities at the opposition and officials. I was 10 and that was the day I fell in love with football and more importantly our Buffalo Bills.

Now as an adult the offseason (especially with the recent playoff drought) seems so crazy long. We spend our time reading articles, watching all the NFL shows possible, and debating what should be done and our expectations for the new season. We focus on the next step that brings football closer to us. We start by waiting for the draft. We take our best guess at who we will draft. Debating what our positional needs are and what is the best way to fill those needs. Once the draft is over and we have some of those questions answered, we start looking forward to OTA’s. We want to get a look at those new players. Imagine how they will fit and make our team better. Next we look forward to training camp, then pre- season, and then finally the first game is here!

All of that waiting feels to us a lot like I remember feeling as a child waiting for Christmas. So to pass the time I count. Every day, every milestone that gets us closer to what I call #MerryFootballSunday! The most wonderful time of the year for the die-hard football fans of #BillsMafia.

Kristen Bailey
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