The @NFLRT Avatar Competition

The avatar @NFLRT is rocking all week, in honor or #BillsMafia.
The avatar @NFLRT is rocking all week, in honor or #BillsMafia's efforts on Sunday.

Editor’s note: For those who were following along yesterday, you know that Bills fans (specifically #BillsMafia — which is actually becoming synonymous with “Bills fans” on Twitter) won the weekly contest run by @NFLRT, a Twitter account that retweets and shares NFL-related news and fans’ opinions. It’s an interesting concept — I (Del) recommend you check it out.

Anyway, each Sunday @NFLRT runs a contest to see how many followers each team’s fans get recruit to follow the account — if actual players from the teams follow then it’s an added bonus (yes, it’s a little self-serving of @NFLRT but it’s a fun way to compete with other fans, especially during the NFL offseason).

What’s the prize? @NFLRT will don the winning team’s themed avatar and tweet out trivia and facts about the team throughout the week for all its followers to see.

Tired of Bills fans coming up short each week, @CaptOTM took matters into his own hands and spearheaded the effort yesterday. After #BillsMafia secured the win, I asked @CaptOTM if he’d share his experience on the blog so we could “capture” what happened. I’m happy to say he agreed. Below is what he had to share…

After weeks of following @NFLRT and the weekly #NFLRTAvatar competition, I had seen Bills fans come so close to securing the avatar of the week. It was then, week 7 of the competition, that I decided it was #BillsMafia’s time to take over and dominate the competition like no other fan base had done in the previous six weeks.

The competition really kicked off when Mike Jasper (@BIGshadowMIKE) was the first verified Bills player to follow @NFLRT and give #BillsMafia a 10 point bonus in the competition. After three more follows from #BillsMafia, we got our second player to follow with Derek Hagan (@dhagan80), though the account is not verified it still went for 5 points. Shortly after the Hagan follow #BillsMafia picked up another 10 points with the verified account of Scott McKillop (@smckillop59) and putting #BillsMafia at 28 points.

As the competition continued and the follows from #BillsMafia continued to rise, we got @CJSPILLER to follow @NFLRT for another 10 point bonus and locking his place on the winning avatar. With #BillsMafia sitting at nearly 50 points for the competition the verified accounts kept coming in with Spencer Johnson (@Spencejohnson91) and Kamar Aiken (@KamarAiken88) capping off the Bills player follows for the week.

It was a great day to be a part of #BillsMafia and we had earned the bragging rights for the week ahead and having @NFLRT rock the awesome CJ Spiller avatar for all fans to see! It was a great effort and record setting in that #BillsMafia’s final score for the week’s competition was 80 points, 45 points ahead of the next closest opponent — the Cleveland Browns (aka #PuppyPound).

Though the rules deem that #BillsMafia will not be eligible to win week 8 of the competition, I expect to see us in full force for week 9 — getting more verified Bills player accounts to follow and recruiting more #BillsMafia to follow, so we can improve on our record of 80 points and surpass 100 points!

Thank you for the opportunity and remember #BillsMafiaRunsNFLRT!