Loyalty and Jerseys: Bills Fan In Jets’ Land

Please welcome Adam (@soundtrack716 on Twitter) to the stable of blog writers here at BillsMafia.com. Adam has recently moved to New York City and is sharing his experiences as a fresh “Straight Outta WNY” Bills fan in the Big Apple in a new regular column named, appropriately, “Bills Fan in Jets Land.”

Bills Fan in Jets Land

Well, I’ve officially been in the city for a week. I think I could literally count the amount of Jets stuff I’ve seen on one hand. I have seen one Sanchez jersey, and that’s about it. I haven’t seen much in the way of Giants gear either, actually. Oddly enough, there is a bar down the road from my apartment that has a Packers flag flying out front. My initial thought is just that it isn’t football season, so maybe everyone here is just in full baseball mode.

That’s a stark contrast from WNY and Buffalo. Back home, it is a rare thing to go 24 hours without seeing some kind of Bills shirt, jersey, hat, bumper sticker, SOMETHING. Let alone any of that aforementioned stuff for the Sabres. It goes to show the kind of mentality that Buffalo sports fans have when it comes to showing support for our teams. Here in NYC, if the Yankees lose two games in a row, the population turns against them. If the Bills lose two games in a row, we’re all still packed in at the Ralph, screaming our lungs out cheering for our beloved team. The pessimists, trolls, and nay-sayers will say that’s because we are so used to losing, that it doesn’t bother us anymore. To them I say this: shut up. They don’t get it. This kind of devotion is what Bills Mafia is all about.

It is a rare thing to go 24 hours in WNY without seeing some kind of Bills shirt, jersey, hat, bumper sticker, SOMETHING.
It is a rare thing to go 24 hours in WNY without seeing some kind of Bills shirt, jersey, hat, bumper sticker, SOMETHING.

I ran into a few guys from the Bleacher Report this weekend, and they called Bills Mafia the best fan organization in the NFL. Now, admittedly, they were drinking pretty heavily, and they might have just been saying that to make me happy, but the fact is they still said it. So now we can say that, regardless of the condition they were in when they said it, haha.

One last thing before I go, I need to give my two cents in the “Great Jersey Debate.” I have had such awful luck buying jerseys. During the 2008 campaign, when the Bills got off to that 5-2 start, and Trent Edwards looked like he could be our quarterback of the future, I went out and bought an Edwards jersey. It felt like the right thing to do. He was a political science major, so was I, it seemed like a sign from above. Then he got injured. He was never really the same.

So, I bought my next jersey. I wanted to go with someone who consistently performed and I had no worries about. My choice? Lee Evans. We all know that his 2009 and 2010 campaigns were not exactly stellar, and then he got traded. During the 2009 offseason, my sister bought me an Aaron Schobel jersey for my birthday. Then he retired. I bought a Fitzpatrick jersey to make a Fitzmagic costume for Halloween this year. The he had his second-half slump. AM I CURSED? Every time I get a jersey, the player either performs poorly, or leaves the team! I’m hoping the new Gailey/Nix era will change my jersey luck, because my newest jersey is Dareus.

That’s all for now. Until next time, Soundtrack out.

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Born and raised in Olean, New York, I've been a Bills fan since birth. I bleed brown as a graduate of St. Bonaventure University class of 2009 (BA) and 2012 (MsED). Trying to make my way in this world as a teacher, it's all about enjoying what you do. Follow me on Twitter @soundtrack716

4 Replies to “Loyalty and Jerseys: Bills Fan In Jets’ Land”

  1. i’ve been in nyc for a while. there is a slightly different mentality when it comes to the jets and the giants. the funniest being that most jets and giants fans dislike the other’s team. though they all hate it when you ask them why a team in new jersey is called ny. i think part of it as well is that there are 2 teams to choose from. i think the only team in this city that i see someone wearing the team gear is the yankees. can’t go a day without seeing someone in a hat or tshirt.
    i did notice the lack of jets/giants gear compared to the b-lo or even as far east as syracuse.
    sundays during the football season are a different story.

  2. Living here in DC, it’s a lot more like Buffalo than NYC– at least on the Maryland side of the border. Redskins stuff is everywhere, and people even fly those car flags in the off-season. (Also a TON of Cowboys stuff, just for the contrarians.) The ‘Skins even trump all the other major league teams here, although they all suck or underachieve.

    As for me, my car with DC plates has been proud to wear my Bills magnet for so many years it’s fading.

    • Very good point. My girlfriend is originally from the Maryland/DC area, and she is a die hard Redskins fan (much to my dismay). But it certainly seems that the way Washingtonians/Marylanders feel about the ‘Skins is very similar to the way we feel about our Bills. Maybe I should do a compare-contrast for the next blog….

  3. Hey Adam, i read that you live in new york, and therefore are a displaced bills fan. I run a page on facebook for displaced bills fans. Please feel free to give it a like if you have a facebook account.
    Thats the link^

    I Completely agree with you on your yankees comparison, i live in connecticut so i am a big yankees fan too.