The Week in Review: June 3, 2012

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There have been rumors and whispers going around for some time about the Bills moving out of Buffalo and about Los Angeles needing a team.  Let me just say very clearly (as someone only 30 minutes from downtown L.A.), I don’t want the Bills in L.A. and they don’t want to be here.  This is not a city to inspire great fans or player-fan relations.  But there are even better reasons for the Bills to stay in Buffalo, as seen here on the Freedom for Fans website.

b00lt.jpgThere was big #BillsMafia hullabaloo about Fred Jackson wearing a Bills Mafia bracelet when he signed his contract extension.  But he’s not the only Bill to rep Buffalo and the Mafia lately.

David Nelson’s dog wears a Buffalo Bills jersey (and looks just the tiniest bit uncomfortable). Gronk may get the headline, but our George Wilson is out visiting schools on a regular basis.  Everywhere you look, the players are repping the Bills and interacting with the fans.  Is it any wonder that they have some of the most active and loyal fans in the NFL?

There have been grades and reviews for how the Bills have done in the pre-season all over the media.  It was no big surprise that this writer ranked the Buffalo Bills dead last in their draft effectiveness (based on pre-draft rankings of players); he writes for the NE Patriots Draft site.  National media ranked the Bills anywhere from an A to a C (only a couple of C’s) on this compilation; overall, the rankings seem to average out to about a B-hopeful (including on this 49ers site).  Even ESPN had to give the Bills a marginal chance of makng the playoffs (along with an equal chance of tanking even worse than last year).

I’m going to group news into links for the next little bit, with a lot less of my commentary. I don’t plan to do this every week, but there’s so much I want to include and this is the easiest way to break it down.

Tank's got a Fathead!
Tank's got a Fathead!











And I’m still not caught up and there’s so much I didn’t get into. This could be a full-time job, so I’m going to leave you all with this for now.