The Great Jersey Debate

What's the next jersey you plan on getting? Share your thoughts below!
What's the next jersey you plan on getting? Share your thoughts below!

Everyone is aware that the Bills Mafia proudly sports the red, white and blue year-round in support of our beloved team. And even though this support is unconditional, I always struggle when it comes time to purchase a new Bills jersey. I’m sure many members might be in the same situation, so please use this as an open thread to discuss the new gear you may sport this season.

With plenty of new additions to the team, there are plenty of questions like, do you pick up the new Mario Williams or Stephon Gilmore, or lock in with more of a “veteran” choice like CJ Spiller or David Nelson? Obviously I’m using the term “veteran” loosely, but am referring to guys that have been around for a couple of seasons.

Thanks to the Buddy Nix regime, many of the team’s stand-out performers have re-signed or inked extensions, so fans can look at a Stevie Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Williams, or Fred Jackson jersey without question. I also know guys that try to avoid the conventional choices when making a jersey selection, and those options listed above might be a bit too mainstream. Maybe an Eric Wood or Scott Chandler jersey is a better fit.

Of course there is always the throwback option as well. You still see plenty of 12’s, 34’s, 83’s and 78’s around in tribute to the stellar teams from the 90’s. While I love my Jim Kelly jersey, I do have some other, um well, “throwbacks” in my drawer including a Flutie, Poz, and Moulds. Not that those truly qualify as throwbacks, but you get the idea.

With that being said would love to get everyone’s take on the new jerseys they plan on getting for this season. None of this even takes into account the new Nike designs that provide a subtle twist on last season’s look. Please share below, and thanks again for supporting #BillsMafia.

8 Replies to “The Great Jersey Debate”

  1. I bought a personalized jersey with my last name finally because of my bad luck with previous jerseys: Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Willis McGahee, Marshawn Lynch… their careers with Buffalo dropped off the map after I bought them. So now I don’t have to worry about ruining anyone’s career. Just my own.

  2. Love my Flutie jersey and still wear it proudly. That guy was always exciting to watch.

  3. Like Casey I had terrible luck with jerseys…but in a way its not like I just pick bad players. I went through a phase from the age of 19-24 that had me forking out $$$ on the jersey of the Bills 1st Rounder – only if he was at a skill position. At one point this is what my closet had in it: McGahee, Evans, Whitner, McKelvin. Talk about a waste of money! Before the jersey switch in 2011 I bought a throwback McGahee on eBay & had it altered to a Spiller – 2 weeks later I find out he changed his number to 28! FML! I decided I was done with blowing money on jerseys – get someone who was solid & will be there for a while. I started out with this rational by buying a Stevie Johnson jersey for my wife to replace her Lynch jersey (she liked Beast Mode, hated him after he left). I had faith that Buddy & Russ were going to resign him, luckily I was right. I was thinking about buying another jersey for myself so I wouldn’t be embarresed on Sundays wearing a McKelvin jersey – but extended family bought me a authentic Jackson jersey this past Christmas when they were marked down because of the Nike/Reebok switch. Now my wife & I feel great knowing we have jerseys from great players that won’t make us feel like crap years from now.


  4. I rock my #12 and #83 with pride but wont spend another dime on a jersey! Ill spend that money on a ticket and support the whole team. With freeagency, ive wasted way too much money. I did buy some sweet nike bills shirts to go with my new nike bills shorts.

  5. Last season, I went on a frenzy and got an away Fitz jersey (Before he tanked it) and Home SJ13 and Freddie 22 jerseys. Then the switch to Nike. I will probably grab a Mario 94 jersey and maybe beef up the collection with 12, 34, & 78 throwbacks this season.

  6. Considering that Eric Wood chimed in on Twitter calling his jersey the “solid choice”, it looks like it is time to go with #70 this season. Thank you all for the feedback and responses.

  7. Only have two jerseys: Steve Tasker and Brian Moorman. I’m not a huge player-worshipper… I’m pretty sure no matter how awesomely they’re playing, and how huge of a contract they have, as soon as I’d buy a new jersey that player’d be traded to the Patriots. :p

  8. Ill probably get a Nike Mario jersey when the new ones come out in the summer. Wish theyd make a George Wilson. IM going to rock an all black Freddy jersey at the Ralph this year. Fred bout be MVP in 2012