Displaced: Bills Fan in Jets’ Land

Please welcome Adam (@soundtrack716 on Twitter) to the stable of blog writers here at BillsMafia.com. Adam has recently moved to New York City and will be sharing his experiences as a fresh “Straight Outta WNY” Bills fan in the Big Apple in a new regular column named, appropriately, “Bills Fan in Jets Land.”

Bills Fan in Jets Land
What’s up Bills Mafia! So my name is Adam, but some of you know me better as @soundtrack716, and this is my first blog for our glorious organization.

So a bit about myself. I’m originally from Western New York, specifically Olean. Just graduated with my master’s degree in adolescence education, with my concentration subject in social studies/history (I have a feeling I just lost a ton of readers right there).

Where did I get my Twitter handle you ask? Funny story. I was an Army ROTC cadet who was training for a month at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Being a fairly musical person, I was often singing or humming parts of songs while we were training. Part of it was an effort to keep spirits up, but a lot of it was subconscious… I flat out didn’t even realize I was doing it. So one day, we were doing a particularly miserable training exercise, and we were all being very quite. The drill sergeant assigned to my squad yelled to me “Hey Soundtrack, where’s your song? Don’t feel like whistling while you work today?” It stuck, and pretty much everyone started calling me that.

Anyway, as a recent grad, I decided to move to someplace that actually has jobs, New York City. Since NYC is not known for being particularly fond of Bills fans, I mentioned to Del (@mrdeadlier) that we should do a documentary called “Bills Fan in Jets Land.” As it turns out, Bills Mafia does not have the budget for camera equipment and production costs, so blogging was his suggestion.

So here I am! The country boy Bills fan from the middle of nowhere living in the largest city in the country, and the heart of Wide-Right nation in Tebowmania. I’ll be doing at least one posting per week, and (of course) posting on Twitter about my experiences here.

So that’s that. Let’s get out there, my fellow Mafioso, and lead the charge!

Until next time, Soundtrack out.

About soundtrack716

Born and raised in Olean, New York, I've been a Bills fan since birth. I bleed brown as a graduate of St. Bonaventure University class of 2009 (BA) and 2012 (MsED). Trying to make my way in this world as a teacher, it's all about enjoying what you do. Follow me on Twitter @soundtrack716

6 Replies to “Displaced: Bills Fan in Jets’ Land”

    • Thanks for the info Matt! And yeah, the Bills are the only true NY football team. I’m hoping to make my rounds to the Bills backers bars around the city.

  1. hey, i’ve been in nyc for almost 10 seasons now. i’ve hit up every bills backers spot i can find.
    there are 2 that i liked. mcfaddens has alot of people and is insane when the bills win. in brooklyn is bonnies, smaller spot and even during the jets games jets fans aren’t horrible jerks, most don’t bother to stick around. there are a few other spots but none that really was too amazing. i should mention that both the locations i mentioned have good wings. bonnies has a killer beef on a weck worth the trip out to park slope in brooklyn.

    • Bonnies? I’ll definitely give that place a shot. Do you know if they’re a St. Bonaventure backers bar as well? That’s where I graduated, and our sports teams were all called the “Bonnies.” And I am always on the lookout for good wings. Thanks for the info!

      • not entirely sure about that, i’d hit them up on facebook it wouldn’t surprise me. they usually have some game on.