Bills Mafia NFL Draft Contest

Who will this year's pick be?
Who will this year's pick be?

Like all members of the Bills Mafia, I have spent way too much time over the past two months reading mock drafts. I’m not sure what the fascination is with mock drafts, but people love to write, read, and pick them apart. We are just a couple of short days away from the NFL Draft, and now Bills Mafia members can have some fun.

Post your prediction for the Bills first round pick below, and one winner will win a Bills Mafia T-shirt.

Here are just a couple of rules to keep things in order:

  • Only one entry per person
  • Please just list one player – if you list more than one the first name you list will be your entry
  • If multiple people make the correct selection, one winner will be selected at random
  • If no one makes the right pick, all entries will have a chance to be the random winner
  • The contest is for the Bills first pick – if the team trades back into the first round it will not affect the contest
  • If the team trades out of the first round I will likely throw a temper tantrum, cry like a little girl with a skinned knee, and cancel the contest
  • Posts must be one the board by 5pm EST on Thursday, April 26

Let’s get as many Bills Mafia members as possible to participate as we all look forward to Thursday night. So who is your pick? Have at it and thank you for participating in the Bills Mafia NFL Draft Contest.

50 Replies to “Bills Mafia NFL Draft Contest”

  1. I have enough shirts, so if I win I’ll just recuse myself, but I’m gonna predict Stephon Gilmore from South Carolina.

  2. I say the Bills go with Dre Kirkpatrick (Gilmore may be gone before the Bills pick).

  3. Dre Kirkpatrick, better coverage = more time for the new and improved D-line to get to the QB.

  4. Jonathan Martin… Hoping Buddy trades out of 10 for it and we get him mid 20s and a few more picks this year and next…

  5. Stephon Gilmore will be the best player available at #10 and the Bills will pick him up!