#MockTwo: Bills 2nd round selection

As you may know I am representing the Bills in the #MockTwo draft over at www.mockone.net.

On Tuesday I did an informal Twitter poll for the Bills 1st round selection and ended up with Malcom Floyd, WR: Notre Dame. Here’s the summary I submitted after the selection:

Well, this was a tough decision. Given this scenario, I honestly will be pleased whether the Bills address their thin depth at the tackle position by selecting Jonathan Martin, bolster the already improved pass rush by selecting Courtney Upshaw, or take the best player available at the time (a mantra Buddy Nix lives by) — which in my opinion is Michael Floyd. I decided to crowd source the selection and see what my fellow #BillsMafia Twitter followers had to say about it. We had 12 votes for Upshaw, 26 for Martin, and 35 for Floyd. I was leaning that way anyway as the team doesn’t currently have a proven #2 receiver on the roster anyway, so it would seem the BPA is a good match. But come September, I’m happy if any one of these guys are rocking the red, white, and blue.

I have created a poll that is valid for the next hour or so. I have a very good idea of who I want to pick but will give you the opportunity to weigh in. Not promising that you’ll sway me from my choice but I’m curious to see what #BillsMafia thinks.

#MockTwo 2012: 2nd Round Selection

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Ok so I ended up going with Massie. At the time I picked there were 85 votes and he was 1% behind Fleener.

I went with my gut and selected Massie, who was 1% behind Fleener.
I went with my gut and selected Massie, who was 1% behind Fleener.

Here’s what I submitted to MockOne.net:

Coby Fleener was the sexy pick but after selecting Floyd in the first it would have been downright irresponsible not to address the OT position here. Once the Texans selected Adams at 1.26, I had a pretty good idea it was going to have to be Massie. I was a little nervous he’d be considered a reach at 2.09 but he’s an SEC guy which we all know Nix has an affinity for. I held a Twitter poll at BillsMafia.com once I was on the clock and he ended up 1% behind Fleener who I’m sure surged strictly due to his fantastic pro day today. So now, Buffalo has a beast opposite SJ13 in Floyd and a big, strong athletic tackle in Massie, who is quick and “made to order” for Chan Gailey’s offense.

Here’s what Brandon Nall (aka @empulse), one of the #MockTwo admins had to say after my second selection:

So thanks everyone and I’ll try to keep you involved throughout this entire process, as long as I’m not in the middle of some real life event that gets in the way of hanging out on the laptop and coordinating this. I’m having a blast, hope you guys are too.

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