Tebow Time in Buffalo?

Tim Tebow last time he visited the Ralph.
Tim Tebow last time he visited the Ralph.

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes has officially ended with the Denver Broncos becoming the next destination for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

With Manning’s decision being public knowledge, the elephant in the room now becomes the question of what will Denver do with former first round draft pick Tim Tebow? Presuming that the Broncos front office is attempting to remove Tebow, the only feasible options will be to execute a trade or release the quarterback.  Few quarterback needy teams remain as the 2012 NFL free agency has installed a quarterback carousel. With a plethora of rumors and blog content being catapulted into the Internet, the question still exists of whether or not the Buffalo Bills are interested in Tebow.

With Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami and Kansas City already being uttered out of default, I encourage you not to look past our very own Buffalo Bills as a wild card match for Tebow.

The speculation began as early as the 2010 NFL Draft when the Bills displayed a substantial amount of pre-draft interest in Tebow. Along with pre-draft visits and workouts, Jim Kelly had dinner with Tebow prior to the draft. This can be identified as the foundation for the Bills interest in Tebow whether you acknowledge their attempts to establish a relationship or ignore it.

Tebow possesses unique athleticism, leadership and a passion for winning that is reflected within the Bills fan base. Jim Kelly was often attributed to “playing the quarterback role with the mentality of a linebacker.” If you have seen Tebow inside of the 20-yard line, he also plays with the same resolve. Chan Gailey is also well known for his ability of taking Kordell Stewart and creating “Slash.” Stewart successfully filled the Steelers need of a quarterback and often presented a potent passing and running threat.

Tebow would certainly seem to make sense for the Bills as a back-up quarterback. With Tyler Thigpen serving as an extremely inconsistent back-up, Tebow would provide a more versatile attack as a back-up quarterback. If Tebow was released and the Bills were to pursue him, I strongly believe that it would be to create a few exotic sub packages and groom Tebow as a back-up quarterback. However, many reasons also exist that would indicate the Bills would not be interested.

Despite multiple reports, Buddy Nix is on the record stating that the team was never seriously interested in Tebow. In a post-draft interview with Chris Brown, Nix confirms his respect for Tebow, however he claims the team was not interested.

There is a possibility that other teams will pursue Tebow with the intent to hand him the starting quarterback position, in which all signs point to Tebow making that his next destination. There are other franchises that are in dire need of a starting quarterback, and with Ryan Fitzpatrick in the huddle the Bills would look to add Tebow as a second string man.

Tebow is a quarterback that produces wins from his hard work on and off the field. With two college National Championships, six fourth quarter comebacks and seven game winning drives it may not be a disaster if the Bills put together a trade package or offer a contract to Tebow if he is released.

With no pledge to a long-term solution, perhaps Tim Tebow could serve as an understudy to Ryan Fitzpatrick. With Tebow’s commitment to be a student of the game, Buffalo will continued to be mentioned in trade rumors until Tebow is physically moved.

Will Buffalo ultimately pursue the phenom known as Tim Tebow? I would venture to say that the front office will not actively pursue Tebow, however I have learned that Buddy and Chan always have a plan!

Zachary Specht
Bills Mafia Blog

One Reply to “Tebow Time in Buffalo?”

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone knows my personal feelings on this one, at least if you follow me on Twitter. The Bills already have a wildcat QB they’re paying just under $4m/yr to in Brad Smith. If Tebow want to come play on the other end of the offensive line, opposite Scott Chandler as tight end — awesome. But I don’t see that happening.

    Regardless, this is a fun offseason debate and everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion!

    As @grimm314 tweeted last night though, “If Buddy and Chan bring Tebow then I trust their judgement and if they don’t then I trust their judgement. #BillsMafia.”