2012 Draft Prospect Profile: Nick Foles

Editor’ note: Welcome to our 2012 Draft Prospect Profile series, written by Scott DelleFave. Scott is putting together quick, digestible summaries for highly publicized discussed prospects, prospects that interest him, and prospects that interest YOU.

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The series isn’t Bills-centric necessarily; however, when the occasion calls for it, Scott includes thoughts on how a player might impact the Bills were they to draft him. But overall the goal is to educate you on some of the names you’ll hear called in April.

Nick Foles: Quarterback, University of Arizona
Nick Foles: Quarterback, University of Arizona

Nick Foles
6’ 5” 244 lbs.
Arizona Wildcats

The Good:
Nick has great size for the quarterback position. He has more than average arm strength and a compact throwing motion, which allows him to get the ball out fast. He shows the ability to escape from the pocket in order to keep the play alive.

The Bad:
Nick played in the spread offense, so he did not take that many snaps under center. He has not won much in college. He has struggled with his decision-making, needs to improve his pre-snap recognition skills to read defenses and see blitzes, and tends to crumble under pressure.

The Skinny:
Foles has all the makings of a great quarterback. Nick has most of the physical tools to translate to the next level. The rest of his skill set is coachable and improvable. He will benefit significantly if he can sit and learn before he taking a snap in the league.

How he would impact the Bills:
I don’t see him coming to Buffalo at all, there aren’t that many top flight quarterback prospects in this draft, and having one in this draft isn’t an urgent need unless Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck fall to pick ten in round one.

NFL Comparison:
Brad Johnson: Quarterback — Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, and Dallas Cowboys.

NFL Draft Projection:
2nd to 3rd round grade.