2012 Draft Prospect Profile: Melvin Ingram

Editor’ note: Welcome to our 2012 Draft Prospect Profile series, written by Scott DelleFave. Scott is putting together quick, digestible summaries for highly publicized discussed prospects, prospects that interest him, and prospects that interest YOU.

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The series isn’t Bills-centric necessarily; however, when the occasion calls for it, Scott includes thoughts on how a player might impact the Bills were they to draft him. But overall the goal is to educate you on some of the names you’ll hear called in April.

Melvin Ingram: DE/OLB, University of South Carolina (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Melvin Ingram: DE/OLB, University of South Carolina (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Melvin Ingram
6’ 1 β…žβ€ 276 lbs.
University of South Carolina Gamecocks
Defensive End/Outside linebacker

The Good:
Melvin has multiple moves for a pass rusher. Due to his height, he can get low to the ground and turn the corner with an explosive step. Is extremely versatile can play in the 4-3 as a DE or DT, even in 3-4 as a rush linebacker due to his sheer athleticism. Once Melvin and South Carolina pulled off a fake punt, he ran it for 68 yards, and scored a touchdown.

The Bad:
Melvin can have tunnel vision and subsequently lose awareness of what is going on around him. He tends to focus on the big hit rather than the sure tackle. With so much versatility and athleticism, there is debate whether or not he has a true defensive position. He can disappear at times in the run game.

The Skinny:
Melvin is a freak athlete, no question about it. One of the questions will be will he be coachable at the next level. If he is and responds well to coaching he could be the next great defender, if not he’s the next great flop. He will have to shore up his run defending to become truly great and know when to use brute force or techniques to get around and through bigger and stronger offensive linemen.

How he would impact the Bills:
Similar to Quinton Coples, a pass rushing defensive end is currently the Bills #1 off-season need and with Marcell and Kyle anchoring the middle, an end should have a great deal less worries about double coverage. Why not get someone who can get to the quarterback and not give him over 4 seconds to throw the ball and I think Melvin could do that under defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt.

NFL Comparison:
LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh Steelers Outside Linebacker

NFL Draft Projection:
Top 15 Pick