2012 Draft Prospect Profile: Quinton Coples

Editor’ note: Welcome to our 2012 Draft Prospect Profile series, written by Scott DelleFave. Scott is putting together quick, digestible summaries for highly publicized discussed prospects, prospects that interest him, and prospects that interest YOU.

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Quinton Coples: DE, University of North Carolina (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Quinton Coples: DE, University of North Carolina (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

Quinton Coples
6′ 5 ¾” 281 lbs.
University of North Carolina Tarheels
Defensive End

The Good:
Quinton has a massive frame, with a monster wingspan of 80.25 inches. He has flashes of brilliance that can take over a game. This person may well have the biggest upside of any prospect coming out in 2012. He has versatility, can play either defensive end position, has played defensive tackle, even stood up and played outside linebacker at North Carolina.

The Bad:
Quinton is still a work in progress as a true pass rusher. He does not possess the sought-after non-stop motor and can seem content when blocked. In addition, despite his wingspan, he seldom puts his long arms up in order to defend a pass.

The Skinny:
Quinton has all the potential of the world to be a freak of nature at the next level. With that said, he also has the highest projection for bust as well. He needs to develop more moves for the pro game and when he is blocked to learn how not to give up on a play by showing consistent effort. If he has an excellent combine, his stock could soar into the top ten of the draft.

How he would impact the Bills:
With switching back to a 4-3, a pass rushing defensive end is essential. And with last season, we had a team total of 29 sacks. A pass rusher is our number one need and it MUST be addressed with high-end talent via either free agency or come the 2012 Draft; and Quinton, when motivated, could bring the boom back to Buffalo — especially playing next to Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams. I feel that has been our biggest problem since 2000; while Aaron Schobel was more than adequate, we really need someone to provide a consistent pass rush and not give quarterbacks all day to throw the ball, and we now have the interior defensive lineman to enable it.

NFL Comparison:
John Abraham: Defensive End, New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons

NFL Draft Projection:
Top 15 Pick

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  1. This was,and,still is,my pick @ 10.Unlimited potential.Yes,he does “seem content when blocked”at times.However,put him in a lockeroom with,Nick,Kyle,Shawne,and,I see him developing into a fulltime Monster for offenses in the league.I dont think he’ll be there at 10,but,if by any chance he is,pull the trigger Buddy!