2012 Draft Prospect Profile: Coby Fleener

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Coby Fleener: TE, Stanford
Coby Fleener: TE, Stanford (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Coby Fleener
6′ 6″ 244 lbs.
Stanford Cardinal
Senior (RS)
Tight End

The Good:
Coby is a big target with surprising speed and a quick release off the line. Furthermore, with having a bigger body, that would include large, reliable hands for better catching and good blocking.

The Bad:
Might be a little underweight, could see benefits to gain fifteen pounds to his frame to become an all-around Tight End.

The Skinny:
There has been a premium as of late on big athletic Tight Ends such as Vernon Davis, and Rob Gronkowski and Coby is no exception to this type of player. He will cause matchup fits with Defensive Backs and Linebackers with his size and athleticism especially if he bulks up to 260 lbs.

NFL Comparison:
Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons Tight End Tony Gonzalez.

NFL Draft Projection:
Early Second Round Pick