To Anyone that Wants to Listen…

Well #Billsmafia, it’s been an interesting 2011 season. We’ve definitely had our fair share of ups and downs and this week was no different. It was a great game on both sides of the ball. I want to make a few things clear to anyone that wants to listen.

Ashley feels the Jets TD that followed Stevie's celebration was not his fault. (Photo by William Perlman/The Star-Ledger)
Ashley feels the Jets TD that followed Stevie's celebration was not his fault. (Photo by William Perlman/The Star-Ledger)

My take on the Stevie Johnson TD celebration- I think he was just excited and wanted to have a little fun. Many people are going off saying he’s immature, they’re unsure of his leadership capabilities on the team, should we sign him again, etc. Now, being a fan I thought his dance was completely hilarious. Granted, you can say it wasn’t warranted because the Bills then squib kicked the ball and the excessive celebration penalty for 15 yards didn’t help any. But the fact of the matter is, the ensuing Jets TD was NOT Stevie’s fault as many are saying it is. The outcome may have been different had those 15 yards not been added, but I don’t see his name on the defensive line ANYWHERE. Also, for the last drive, everyone was blaming him for not making the catches. It looked like on one of the passes there may have been a miscommunication between Stevie and Fitz, but you can’t put all the blame on Stevie’s shoulders for the loss. It’s just not fair. Stevie had a GREAT day against Revis, registering 8 catches for 75 yards & 1 TD. Against one of the best corners in the game, that is quite an accomplishment.

My new outlook on Brad Smith- I do want to apologize if I ever got down on Brad Smith. Boy did he prove me wrong today. Many of us have had our doubts about him, but today, he stepped up his game and did a great job. Although he only had 4 receptions for 77 yards & 1 TD, he made important plays happen in this game. His athleticism shined through when the ball got tipped up and he still caught it for the touchdown. I fully believe that he is a true offensive weapon when he lines up in the WR position. Nobody had realized what he could bring to the table until he actually got some game reps in and was utilized in our offense rather than just at QB for the wildcat. I think Brad Smith being a WR could be the start of something great.

After the game today- I really wondered why everyone was so down about us losing. I get it, I was upset too. It’s okay to be upset, especially in a close game like this. But just three weeks ago we had a lot less injuries, and didn’t look half as good as we did today. The play calling looked a lot cleaner, and Fitz looked a lot more comfortable. Our offense showed the spark it once did in September, and our passing game started to take flight.

Kraig Urbik was the unsung hero of this game. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Kraig Urbik was the unsung hero of this game. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

An unsung hero of the game? Kraig Urbik! Nobody has mentioned what a great job he did today at Center taking over for the injured Eric Wood. The snaps looked cleaner and worked out a lot better today than last week. I’m not trying to take away anything from Andy Levitre though, that was a lot to take on in a week and he did the best job he could considering he’s played almost every position in that offensive line.

The season in general- I do get disappointed seeing my timeline fill with tweets about “we should look towards the draft” and “there’s no way we’ll make the playoffs” etc. Let’s try to be positive, cheer our players on, and focus on doing well the rest of the season. Can’t we be the team to prove the rest of the NFL wrong? If we don’t make the playoffs, it’s not the end of the world. But I think the face of this team has COMPLETELY changed since 2010. The attitude, the guys on our team, and the overall morale in Buffalo has changed in the 2011 season. Let’s begin to focus on what this team is doing right instead of pointing the finger at who’s to blame for the losing. We can still make 10-6, and I fully #Billieve it’s going to happen.

~Ashley (@Billsmafia_babe )

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2 Replies to “To Anyone that Wants to Listen…”

  1. Awesome blog Ashley! I couldn’t agree with you more!!! So refreshing to hear positive things about our team, instead of all the hatred. I’ve been a Bills fan for most of my adult life (we won’t go there lol) and my 19 year old (almost 20) daughter has recently found the love for football and boy, have I created a monster! i will definitely share this blog with her and I’m sure you’ve inspired her to write as well. She loves this team and sticks by them, no matter what! Feel free to follow me @karenvee_travel and hers is @meaghanmccarthy.

    Go Bills!

  2. Good article Ashley. You’re right, since when does the outcome of an entire game fall on the shoulders of one player, one penalty or one dropped pass? I think both the offense and the defense have to dig a little deeper and start cutting down on the mistakes that have plagued the team for the last month. Overall, I thought the offense looked much better this week, but both teams need to eliminate (or least minimize) the mistakes. Like you said, I Billieve we can still salvage a decent record for the season, but things will
    have to tighten up to do it!