Wear as much white as possible when you go here on Sunday!
Wear as much white as possible when you go here on Sunday!
Editor’s note: Say hello to @AshleyPetty_, a guest writer tonight on the Bills Mafia Blog. She’s here to bring you up to speed on a development for Sunday’s game that came up pretty quickly today out of the #BillsMafia movement.

If you’re not on Twitter or you haven’t heard yet, Russ Brandon announced that this Sunday is the first time the Bills will wear their white jerseys at home in 25 years. This obviously stirred up some conversation and @BLOJW brought up the idea of a “whiteout” at the Ralph this Sunday, November 6, 2011 against the Jets. It’s a great opportunity for the team and fans to band together and show the rest of the NFL what the Buffalo Bills are really about.

The players are really excited about the whiteout, as Captain Fred Jackson told ESPN’s NFL Live over the phone that the whiteout is on. Also, Stevie Johnson, Nick Barnett, David Nelson, Drayton Florence, and Donald Jones have been tweeting #WhiteOutAtTheRalph and coming up with other clever sayings to go along with it.

So #BillsMafia, please tell all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. about the upcoming whiteout Sunday to get the cool effect we’re going for! Wear as much white as possible to the game!

Prepare for flights to be cancelled, and bring your shovels, cause it’s gonna get cold & white up in the Ralph!

~Ashley (@billsmafia_babe)

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  1. #WHITEOUTATTHERALPH ….great idea…will turn the Ralph into a college like party….the sprinkling of green jets faithful will look so lonely and hopeless.

    WHITEOUT People….you will love the fruits of your labor…..#WHITEOUT #WHITEOUTATTHERALPH !!!