Special Interview with Arthur Moats

Arthur Moats, Legend Killer
Arthur Moats, Legend Killer

To put it mildly, Arthur Moats is a bit of a “fan favorite” when it comes to Bills players. The hashtag #dontcrossthemoats began last year on Twitter and never left. Known everywhere as the one who killed Brett Favre’s consecutive games started streak, Moats is proving that he’s more than just a footnote in a Hall of Famer’s career but that he is himself a force to be reckoned with on the field.

One of our newest bloggers, @TheProfessorSD had the opportunity to interview Arthur this past week.

First off, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this short interview with me on behalf of the Bills Mafia Blog. I know it’s been over a year since you came here, but how do you feel about the city of Buffalo and its people?
I love the city of Buffalo and the people here are amazing!! They always show support for the team and they support me individually as well and it means a lot to me.

What have been the biggest transitions for you from playing Defensive End at a small college to Outside and Inside Linebacker in the NFL?
The mental aspect was the biggest difference. I’ve played versus big guys as well as fast guys and I’ve always been able to hold my own. The big part about being successful at linebacker in the NFL is how prepared you are so your anticipating what’s going to happen versus waiting and reacting.

What is the most important piece of advice someone in the locker room has given you? (submitted by @Maxmw22)
Enjoy every moment your here because when it’s over, there’s no coming back.

Arthur stopping in to say hello to Mike Vick.
Arthur stopping in to say hello to Mike Vick.

While the team and yourself has been playing great and the defense has been outstanding in creating turnovers where if any do you still feel that you have room to improve on defense as a team and as an individual player? (submitted by Dennis Smith)
Defensively we can always get better at stopping the run consistently and eliminating big plays. Those are the keys to our success.

What do you think about the new attitude by the team and how the city is uplifted by the Bills success on the field?
I love the team’s attitude, were all playing with a chip on our shoulders and thats the make up of the guys because we were all late round guys who have something to prove. The city of Buffalo can definitely relate to that hard nose mentality and that’s why I love it here!

Have any former Buffalo Bills given you any advice since joining the team and if so, what was it?
Yes Thurman Thomas told me to keep making plays and the city will love me forever for it as they do him.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the Bills Mafia to close?
Love the support and let’s keep the Ralph Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much again for your time Arthur and Let’s Go Buffalo!

Scott DelleFave
Bills Mafia Blog

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