Stadium Renovations

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

The Associated Press has reported that the Buffalo Bills have hired a firm to begin the process of a multi-million dollar renovation at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Bills CEO Russ Brandon says the team has hired a world-leading architectural firm to conduct an intensive study of what improvements are necessary to upgrade the stadium’s existing structure and add fan-friendly, revenue-generating enhancements.

Brandon has labeled the improvements necessary in order keep the stadium competitive with many of the NFL’s newer facilities to help ensure the Bills long-term future in Western New York. He adds it is premature to determine what the work might cost.

Erie County Executive Chris Collins told the AP he projects the price tag to range anywhere from $40 million to more than $100 million, and expects the state to foot the bill.

“Right now, the Bills are doing an analysis of what is structurally needed, and there’s a firm doing that. At some point, there will be a formal request for improvements, you can almost say probably a pre-condition of the lease,” Collins said. “Everything in due course. Until we know whether it’s $40 million, $60 million, $80 million or $100 million we can’t even bring the state in.”

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