Special Interview with Ed Wang

Ed Wang, gracing the cover of China's Sports Illustrated
Ed Wang, gracing the cover of China's Sports Illustrated

Ed Wang, drafted by the Bills in the 5th round of the 2010 draft, is the first full-blooded ethnic Chinese player to be drafted by an NFL team and to play in the NFL.

But he’s more than just a trivia answer. “Godzilla,” as he was nicknamed by his teammates at Virginia Tech was awarded 2009 All-ACC Second Team for his performance at LT for the Hokies and was making strides this summer towards more playing time before suffering an injury in his second NFL preseason, landing him on Injured Reserve.

Ed’s a fan favorite, partly because he’s an an active user on Twitter who engages with fans constantly. On a whim, I decided to ask if he’d be up for an email interview and he graciously responded back with a “sure.”

Ed visiting with students during his visit to China
Ed visiting with students during his visit to China

You got to visit China back in February as part of an NFL initiative to grow the game there. What was it like? What’s the level of interest in the NFL among Chinese citizens there? Was that your first time there?

It was great going back to China to visit. I haven’t been back in so long and it was awesome seeing my family and friends back there. The level of interest there was pretty good they seemed to take to the sport very well and were eager to learn more about it. And now it was not the first time back for me.

@ewang77, rocking the #BillsMafia avatar

You seem to have an active dialogue with fans on Twitter. What are your thoughts on how social networking has changed the landscape of collegiate and professional sports?

I just enjoy reaching out and talking to the fans. The fans make our sport work and without them we wouldn’t be what we are. So its is the least I can do to interact with them. Plus you get to meet all types of people on there and its cool. I think it has changed it by that now the athletes/anyone is more accessible to people. You can talk to them to where as 10 15 years ago you couldn’t and all you knew is what you read or saw on tv.

Up to this point, what has been your favorite moment in your collegiate/professional career? Why?

There are too many to name but to just be apart of this sport and the atmosphere it brings is great. I would have to say my first game in Lane Stadium and my first game in the Ralph. Both are dreams come true.

If you could play any other position in any other sport, what would it be?

I would say I like track, especially the sprinters. Just because what they do is really a special thing and not many people can do it. It sucks the olympics only come every 4 years tho haha. I would want to play point guard in basketball that would be fun.

Ed's a proud VT alumnus.
Ed's a proud VT alumnus.

Your alma mater, Virginia Tech, is 6-1 right now and ranked #12 in the nation. How do you expect them finishing?

I expect them to finish strong! We always have a great team and our coaches do a very good job making us better and keeping us focused.

I have and always will have very high expectations for them so I expect them to do big things.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Ed. Hope you heal up well so you’re ready for the 2012 NFL season!

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