Mafia Monday Interview with @SAINTRHYAN

Welcome back to our fourth edition of Mafia Monday, and the first profile a #BillsMafia OG!

Mafia Monday is an interactive element where members of the community can get to know each other and build unity by becoming transparent.

This week we sit down with a #SchefterBreakingNews pioneer. None other than @SAINTRHYAN

How long have you been a Bills Fan, and what’s your earliest Bills memory?
@SAINTRHYAN: I’ve been a Bills fan 27 years! My earliest memory is them beating the Cowboys in 84 for one of their two wins and trading for Greg Bell cards at school!

What is your favorite Bills memory?
@SAINTRHYAN: My favorite memory is The Greatest Comeback in N.F.L. history against the Oilers. I was getting bashed by friends the whole first half and got to watch the second half in silence as Reich lead the charge!

What was the first Bills game you attended? Most memorable?
@SAINTRHYAN: The first game I was able to attend was a 1997 Monday Night Football Game in Indy where we won 9-6! Most memorable was in Cincinnati in 2004, my wife got me row 1, 50 yard line, behind the Bills bench. I got heckelled as I had all Bills gear on including a Bills Santa hat! We ended up on the news and on the Bills N.F.L. Films yearbook at the end (thats me dead front chanting B-U-F-F-A-L-O in the Santa hat!) Bills fans took over the Jungle, Also special because my beautiful wife was pregnant and freezing and she stayed the whole game!

Do you own any Bills jerseys, and if so what ones?
@SAINTRHYAN: Yes, Several Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Don Beebe, Antoine Winfield, Phil Hansen, Shawn Bryson (Game Worn), an Eric Moulds game worn jersey I bought from N.F.L. auctions from the 2005 home win over the Phins, a Peerless Price game worn jersey I bought from N.F.L. auctions from the 2005 loss to the Raiders, Drew Bledsoe, Marshawn Lynch, Paul Posluszny, Stevie Johnson and now since free agency seems to move everyone, I bought a personalized one!

Quite a collection!
Quite a collection!

Favorite current Bill?
@SAINTRHYAN: Picking one is tough, but I’ll go with Kyle Williams!

Favorite former Bill?

What is your favorite team to watch lose to the Bills?
@SAINTRHYAN: The Patriots!

Best tailgate food?
@SAINTRHYAN: Buffalo Wings and chips and salsa.

Other sports you enjoy following? If so, favorite teams?
@SAINTRHYAN: MLB, NCAA Basketball and Football, NBA. The teams: Cincinnati Reds, Kentucky Wildcats, Texas Longhorns, Ohio State and the Chicago Bulls.

Lastly, what does “Bills Mafia” mean to you?
@SAINTRHYAN: It’s family! When you see that hashtag you know your getting great Bills conversation from great people, and just flat out great conversations and support! I love all the people in the Bills Mafia and I got their back through it all! Go Bills #BillsMafia for life!

About Del Reid

Del Reid became a Bills fan shortly after coming into this world, having been raised in a home that actually had a framed picture of OJ Simpson on the wall in the living room (until it came down in 1994). Del has always had a passion for bringing people together to celebrate things they share in common. As a result, he (quite accidentally) ended up co-founding the #BillsMafia movement among Bills fans in social media -- which to this point is the coolest thing that has ever happened to him aside from his relationship with God, his wife, and his two awesome kids. Follow him on Twitter at @mrdeadlier.